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Sawasdeekha Yes Or No Fans 
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For overseas order please follow instruction below.

1.Choose products.

2.E-mail to order@emotionway.com to make an order.

3.Add your information and list of your order your name ,list and amount of product that you would like to order then Wait for reply from our staff to confirm your total payment including shipping fee. (.***Do not transfer money before you receive the e-mail confirm the total price including shipping fee from us!)

4. Arrange your payment. 

About payment, We only accept Western Union
Western Union information

First Name : CHATCHADA
Address: 45/16 Moobaan Petchampai
T.Klongsam A.KlongLuang Phratumthani 12120 Thailand

**Click to see Western Union information***


5. Scan your receive and e-mail to order@emotionway.com to confirm your payment.

6. After We have check all you payment information our staff will shipping your order as soon as possible.



***Please note that shipping fee doesn not control by us.
It's depend on weight and Country 

'some times the shipping fee could cost more than the product price!' 
Please make sure you understand about all about shipping fee
before make an order and payment.

Thank you for loving our movie, hope you will support us in ‘Yes or No 2 Come back 2 me’


Come On Sweet


New Arrival Product from Yes Or No2 Come back to me!

209.- THB/Each 

Our T-shirt is an unisex cutting in Size ( S / M / L / XL ).

S 40x63 cm.

M 43x65 cm.
L 46x70 cm.
XL 54x98 cm.
























Yes Or No 2 Deleted Scene DVD  

DVD Deleted Scend 249.- THB.



DVD เบื้องหลังการถ่ายทำ Yes or No 2



DVD Behind the scene 235.- THB.


DVD ภาพยนตร์ Yes or No 2 รักไม่รักอย่ากั๊กเลย


DVD Yes or no 2 Come back to me 245.- THB






Wrist Band 159.- THB/Each



Making of Yes or no 1 book (Written in Thai)

Price: 252.- THB. 




Making of Yes or no 2 book (Written in Thai)


Price: 306 .- THB. 






Photo book collection of first Meet&Greet

Price: 269.- THB



Yes or no 1 Novel Verstion (Written in Thai)


Price: 225.- THB.



Yes or no 2 Novel version (Written in Thai)

Price: 252.- THB.




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